Criteria for inclusion in the rankings

When the system was set up in the 1980s it was decided that only 26 point advanced level games in calendar fixtures would be included, ie ones advertised in the CA fixture book, which meant that they were open to players from other clubs and had a minimum time limit of two and a half hours.

As the system has been expanded to cover the world we have tried to continue these criteria, ie the events must be sanctioned by a governing body and played under tournament conditions.

However we have loosened these criteria in some cases, eg Sonoma Cutrer, where the time limit was 2 hours 15 minutes, but most games finish, and Club Championships, played over a weekend, in some of the smaller playing countries, such as Switzerland and Italy, where most of the players are in the ranking system and play regularly outside the country.

In general games must be played in tournaments, where certain minimum criteria, such as hoop widths, other players and referees are present, etc are in place. Season long events, which take place at random times, eg internal club Championships, are not included.

If in doubt check with me.