Sending in results

The grade for each player is recalculated after every game. Therefore to have the figures as accurate as possible, and to ensure that a list of games for an individual player is in the correct order, it is preferable if the games can be supplied in the order in which they were played.

Also I need the date of the event, so the event can be placed in the correct order in relation to other events.

The best format for supplying results is shown below. If results are sent in this way then they can be parsed and read into the system automatically, ie I don't have to type them in again.

Event Little Snodgrass Open
Date 25-28.7.12
Winner Fred Bloggs
Type single
Order firstname
Games 7
1 Fred Bloggs beat John Doe +26
2 Bruce Smith beat Percy Picacity +7
3 John Smith beat Jock McTavish +10
4 Fred Bloggs beat Bruce Smith +4
5 John Doe beat John Smith +17tp
6 Fred Bloggs lost to Jock McTavish -3
7 Percy Picacity beat Jock McTavish +26tp
For best of threes
Event Little Snodgrass Open KO
Date 29.7-3.8.12
Winner Fred Bloggs
Type match
Order firstname
1 Fred Bloggs beat    Jock McTavish +16, -3, +26tp
2 John Doe beat Bruce Smith -6, +17, +17tp
3 John Smith lost to John Doe -26tp, +26tp, -26tp
The syntax of the header is
Event <event name>
Date <d1-d2.m.yy | d1.m1-d2.m2.yy>
Winner <name>
Type <single|match>
Order <firstname|surname>
Within the game list games can be listed as
<n> A beat B
<n> B lost to A

Note in the date there are no leading zeroes and the year is in the two digit form, eg 29.7-3.8.12 or 23-28.7.12

In the event name please put the country (and state if necessary) first, eg AUS NSW Open Championship or NZ SI Men's Championship. Look in existing event lists for examples.

Order firstname means names are given as "Joe Bloggs", whilst order surname means names are given as "Bloggs Joe".

In matches all games won by the first named player must have + and all games won by the second named must have -. So a beat should have more pluses and 'lost to' should have more - characters.

Individual games can be put in the 26tp-9 format, but matches must be in the +, - format, because when parsing a match the program looks for + and - characters.

If the event is played in blocks followed by play offs, then please separate the blocks and the play offs. The final should be the last game in the list.

Consolation and plate events should be separated from the main events.

If there are any players new to the system please list their first names, handicaps and state/province. Names of all the players currently in the system can be found in the Interactive rankings

I do not actually need the scores, but would like to have any peeling information for the peeling stats.

Results can be sent in plain text, Word or Excel formats. If using Excel please try and put each event in a separate worksheet and tell me that you have done so. Please try not to use Apple Mac formats which cause problems reading at this end. Plain text is best.

Please send the results to acresults at worldcroquet dot org (this forwards a copy to both my butedock and gmail addresses - note new address).

Results from CA events should be sent to results @ croquet dot org dot uk. This address is a forwarding one and the results will be forwarded to the CA's webmaster, the CA Office and the Gazette editor as well as the ranking officers.

Croquet Scores

If you use the facilities provided at CroquetScores.com then the results can be produced by it in exactly the right format to allow easy incorporation into the rankings.