Home Internationals 2017

Southport 10-11 June 2017
David Maugham (C)
Samir Patel
James Hopgood
Mark Avery
Christian Carter
Danny Johnston
Simon Williams
Andrew Johnston (C)
Evan Newell
Jane Morrison
Sam Murray
Campbell Morrison
David Magee
Martin Murray
Alan Wilson
David Walters
Ian Burridge (C)
Chris Williams
John Evans
Garry McElwain
Most of the first days play was lost because of heavy rain so it was decided to play the event as randomly drawn semi finals followed by a final.
England 3 Wales 0
David Maugham unf David Walters +26tp
James Hopgood beat Chris Williams +4, +17
Samir Patel unf Ian Burridge +16
Mark Avery beat John Evans +26tp, +16tp
Christian Carter beat Garry McElwain +18, +19tp
Ireland 3 Scotland 1
Danny Johnston unf Sam Murray +26
Simon Williams beat Campbell Morrison +26, +26tp
Andrew Johnston beat David Magee +17, +26tp
Evan Newell lost to Martin Murray -17, -10
Jane Morrison beat Alan Wilson -5, +13, +23
England 3 Ireland 0
David Maugham beat Danny Johnston +3, +17tp
Samir Patel unf Simon Williams +5, -15otp
James Hopgood unf Andrew Johnston -17tp, +17tp
Mark Avery beat Evan Newell +26tp, +25tp
Christian Carter beat Jane Morrison +22tp, +17tp
Wales 3 Scotland 0
David Walters unf Sam Murray -17
Ian Burridge beat Campbell Morrison +26tp, +18
Chris Williams beat David Magee +15, +19
John Evans beat Martin Murray +25, +21
Garry McElwain unf Alan Wilson +19
1 England
2 Ireland
3 Wales
4 Scotland