Ireland v Great Britain 2003

17-18 May 2003
Clarke & Fulford beat Cunningham & Fitzgerald        -15, +15tp(F), +23tp(F)
Avery & Mulliner beat R McInerney & CM von Schmieder +4, +17tp(A)
Colin Irwin      lost to Simon Williams     +21tp, -26tp, -8tp
Robert Fulford   beat    Ronan McInerney    +17, +26tp(fourth turn)
Chris Clarke beat Ed Cunningham +26tp, -10tpo, +2tp
Stephen Mulliner lost to Simon Williams -20, +18, -7
Mark Avery beat Patsy Fitzgerald +26tp, +12tp
Colin Irwin beat Ronan Rogerson +26tp, +26tp
w/o to von Schmeider
Robert Fulford   beat    Ed Cunningham      +22, +26tp
Chris Clarke beat Ronan McInerney +17, +17tp
Stephen Mulliner beat Ronan Rogerson +26tp, +25tp
Mark Avery lost to Simon Williams -24tp, -24tp
Colin Irwin beat Carl von Schmieder +21, +26tp
w/o to Fitzgerald
GB beat Ireland 10-5