MacRobertson Shield



The MacRobertson International Trophy (commonly known as the MacRobertson Shield) is the Tier 1 of the World Croquet Federation world team championship. It is competed for by England, New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. It is held every 3 or 4 years and was last held in Australia in November 2022. The next competition is due in England in July/August 2026.

The shield was donated in 1925 by Sir MacPherson Robertson for competition between Australia and England. In 1930 New Zealand were admitted and the competition became a triangular one. The USA were admitted in 1993.

The shield is inscribed with 'MacRobertson International Trophy'.

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John Prince has played in the most MacRobertson series (9). Three players have played in eight series: Robert Fulford, Stephen Mulliner and David Maugham.

John Prince has played in the most MacRobertson Test Matches (39).

Robert Fulford is the only player to have played in seven MacRobertson series winning teams.

David Maugham and Chris Clarke have played in six MacRobertson series winning teams.