Northern Championship 2009

Bowdon 28-31 August 2009
Preliminary Round
Steve Comish beat Mike Sandler +26tp, +23tp
Ian Lines beat Martin Granger-Brown +26, +26tp
Chris Williams beat Andrew Gregory +19, +17
Colin Irwin beat Jerry Guest +4, +12
Ailsa Lines beat Dave Kibble +15, +17
Steve Lewis beat Keith Aiton -14, +14, +16
Marcus Evans beat Louise Bradforth +14tp, -3, +12
James Hopgood beat Andrew Winn +20, -13, +7
First Round (best of 3)
Jonathan Hills beat Martin French +17tp, +26
David Maugham beat Dave Nick +25tp, +24
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Brian Storey +26tp, +15
David Walters beat David Goacher +26, +17
Steve Comish beat Colin Irwin -26tp, +24tp, +17
Marcus Evans beat Chris Williams +10tpo, +24sxp
Ian Lines beat Ailsa Lines +20, +26
James Hopgood beat Steve Lewis -22, +25, +26tp
Quarter Finals (best of 5)
David Maugham beat Jonathan Hills +22, +25tp, +26tp
Ian Lines beat Steve Comish +26tp, +26, +7
Rutger Beijderwellen beat David Walters -5, -17, +22sxp, +5tp, +26sxp
James Hopgood beat Marcus Evans -26tp, +24tp, +20tp, -13tp, +9tp
Semi Finals (best of 5)
Ian Lines beat David Maugham +26tp, +26tp, +26tp
Rutger Beijderwellen beat James Hopgood +4sxp, +25sxp, +19
Final (best of 5)
Ian Lines beat Rutger Beijderwellen +26tp, -26tp, +23tp, -24, +18tp
Ailsa Lines won the Tollemache Plate