Championship Of Ireland 2005

Carrickmines 30 July to 4 August 2005
Round 1
Ben Reeves-Smyth beat Fred Rogerson    +5, +18
Kevin Beard beat Alan McInerney   +10, -20, +15
Simon Williams beat Andrew Johnston  +9, +26tp
Ed Cunningham beat Patsy Fitzgerald +17tp, +3
Evan Newell beat Gerard Healy     -24tp, +13, +26
Dennis Bulloch beat Robert Barklie   +26tp, +16
Quarter Final
Ronan McInerney beat Ben Reeves-Smyth  +26, +26tp
Simon Williams beat Kevin Beard       +26tp, +11
Ed Cunningham beat Evan Newell       +17, +17
Aaron Westerby beat Dennis Bulloch    +26, +20tp
Semi Finals
Ronan McInerney beat Simon Williams    +26, +17tp
Ed Cunningham beat Aaron Westerby    +19, -15tp, +9tp
Ronan McInerney beat Ed Cunningham     +26tp, +9tp, -17, +24tp