Coles Championship 2021

1-3 May 2021
Round 1
Ed Duckworth beat Sarah Hayes +19, -18, +20tp
Duncan Reeve beat Andy Smith +24tp, +26tp
Mark Suter beat Richard Zhao +18, +12tp
Mark Avery beat Jim Blenkinsop +24tp, +26tp
Pete Trimmer beat David Magee +11, +24
Sam Murray beat Robert Wilkinson -10otp, +19, +20
Quarter Finals
Harry Fisher beat Ed Duckworth +2tpo, +25tp
Duncan Reeve beat Mark Suter +17, +24tp
Mark Avery beat Pete Trimmer -12tpo, +20tp, +23
Christian Carter beat Sam Murray +3tpo, +6
Semi Final
Harry Fisher beat Duncan Reeve +26, -25tp, +20tp, +25tp
Mark Avery beat Christian Carter +20, +5, +18
Harry Fisher beat Mark Avery +26tp, +24tp
The final was played as best of three because of a poor weather forecast.
Sarah Hayes won the plate