East Of England Championship 2012

Wrest Park 27-29 July 2012
Round 1
DB Maugham beat DA Cornelius -16 +17stp +17tp +26
GM Higgins beat IG Vincent +5 +8tp +26
IG Lines beat M Ormerod -2 +5 +11(t) +17
LG Tibble beat RM Smith -5 +11 -6tpo +8tp +16
KMH Aiton beat RJ Wilkinson +7 -23tp +10tpo +23tp(3)
Quarter Finals
N Mounfield beat AH Lines +26 +21 +11
DB Maugham beat GM Higgins +17tp +22tp +12tpo
IG Lines beat LG Tibble +26tp +13 +20tp
KMH Aiton beat AK Gregory +23tp +26tp +16tp
Semi Finals
DB Maugham beat N Mounfield +16 +11tp -26 -17tp +25tp
KMH Aiton beat IG Lines -25tp -25tp +9 +24tp +26tp
KMH Aiton beat DB Maugham +13otp +25tp -25tp, -11tpo, +26sxp
Note final three games of the final were the first three games of the Northern final played a month later at Bowdon.