North Of England Championship 2014

Bowdon 22-25 August 2014
Preliminary Round (best of 3)
David Maugham beat Jarrod Coutts +25, +20tp
Phill Scarr beat Ailsa Lines +16, +19
Chris Williams beat Barry Keen +5, +14
Ian Lines beat Jerry Guest +26tp, +16
Richard H Smith beat Francois Garcia +18, +26
Robert Wilkinson beat Mike Sandler +24tp, +26tp
Debbie Lines beat Eugene Chang +16, +21tp
Mark Avery beat Sam Murray +6, +25qp
First Round (best of 3)
David Maugham beat Phill Scarr +22tp, +26tp
Ian Lines beat Chris Williams +18tp, +16tp
Keith Aiton beat David Goacher +4tpo, +10tpo
Jack Wicks beat Matt Holmes -6, +12tpo, +25tp
James Hopgood beat Andrew Winn +4, +3
Colin Irwin beat Gabrielle Higgins -16, +20, +18tp
Richard H Smith beat Robert Wilkinson -5, +14, +7
Mark Avery beat Debbie Lines +13tp, -13, +8tp
Quarter Finals (best of 5)
Ian Lines beat David Maugham -7tp, -11tpo, +26, +17tp, +26
Keith Aiton beat Jack Wicks -10, -8, +26tp, +12otp, +6
Colin Irwin beat James Hopgood -23tp, +21tp, +25tp, +26tp
Mark Avery beat Richard H Smith +26tp, +25tp, +25tp
Semi Finals (best of 5)
Keith Aiton beat Ian Lines +17tp, +20, +26tp
Mark Avery beat Colin Irwin -20, +17tp, +14, +25tp
Final (best of 5)
Mark Avery beat Keith Aiton -26tp, +17tp, +24qp, +20
David Goacher won the Tollemache Plate