North Of England Championship 2019

Bowdon 23-26 August 2019
Preliminary Round (best of 3)
David Maugham beat Colin Irwin +13, +15tp
James Hawkins beat Jerry Guest +13, +15
First Round (best of 3)
Mark Avery beat Rich Waterman +25tp, +16tp
Jack Wicks beat Nigel Polhill +21tp, +11tp
James Hopgood beat Alison Maugham +16tp, +3
Ian Lines beat Mike Sandler +14, +24tp
David Maugham beat James Hawkins +20, +23
Alain Giraud beat Debbie Lines +21, +25tp
David Goacher beat Joel Taylor +21, -1, +19
Mark Suter beat David Harrison-Wood +26tp, +26tp
Quarter Finals (best of 5)
Mark Avery beat Jack Wicks +25tp, +10tpo, +5tp
James Hopgood beat Ian Lines -17tp, +15tp, +26, +17tp
Alain Giraud beat David Maugham +20tp, +6, -11, -12tpo, +5tp
Mark Suter beat David Goacher -3, -12, +2, +26tp, +10
Semi Finals (best of 5)
Mark Avery beat James Hopgood -21, +11, +26tp, +16
Mark Suter beat Alain Giraud +17tp, +22tp, +4tpo
Final (best of 5)
Mark Avery beat Mark Suter +26tp, +25, -21tp, +11tpo
Joel Taylor won the Tollemache Plate