South Of England Championships 1997

Compton Croquet Club, Eastbourne Championship (for the O'Callaghan Gold Cup)

September 1997

Round 1
Brian Hallam beat Alex Leggate +18 +18
David Maugham beat Danny Palmer +17tp +26tp
David Goacher beat Ian Bond +26tp +14tp
Don Gaunt beat Jerry Guest +13 +15
Pete Trimmer beat David Harrison-Wood -14 + 4 +10
Chris Patmore beat Keith Aiton -15 +14otp +13tp
Terry Burge beat Lionel Tibble +24tp -9 +26tp
Ian Burridge beat Adrian Wadley +23tp + 8
Quarter Finals
David Maugham beat Brian Hallam -14 +10tp +14otp
David Goacher beat Don Gaunt +22 +5
Pete Trimmer beat Chris Patmore +11tpo -17 +8
Terry Burge beat Ian Burridge +16 -3tpo +26tp
Semi Finals
David Goacher beat David Maugham +17 -26tp +13 +26tp
Pete Trimmer beat Terry Burge +26 -3 +14otp +26tp
Pete Trimmer beat David Goacher +26 +17tp -23 +14tp

Plate (for the Sussex Union Cup - draw and process)
Draw final Patmore beat Gaunt +3
Process final Gaunt beat Patmore +6

Divided Consolation (Egyptian) TIBBLE

Peeling prize MAUGHAM (Runner up Guest, 2 quadruples)