South Of England Championship 2011

Compton 16-18 September 2011
Round 1
Roger Tribe beat Graham Gale +8 +11tp (3)
Dave Kibble beat Roger Wood +20tp +17tp (0)
Gavin Carter beat Louise Bradforth +19tp +20tp (0)
Gabrielle Higgins beat Martin French +12 +15tp (0)
Quarter Finals
David Maugham beat Roger Tribe +13tp +26tp -15 +26tp (3)
Marcus Evans beat Dave Kibble +26tp +9tpo +17 (3)
Mark Avery beat Gavin Carter -23 +13tpo +13otp +26tp (3)
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Gabrielle Higgins +14 +26tp +24qnp (3)
Semi Finals
David Maugham beat Marcus Evans +13tp +21tp -17tp -11 +25tp(3)
Mark Avery beat Rutger Beijderwellen +13otp -6tp +12tp +5 (3)
David Maugham beat Mark Avery +26tp +25tp +26tp (3)
Gabrielle Higgins won the plate