South Of England Championship 2012

Compton 21-23 September 2012
Round 1
Jamie Burch beat Mark Ormerod +12tpo -5 +16tp
Gabrielle Higgins beat Carole Jackson +17 +10tpo
Gavin Carter beat Roger Wood +9 +17tp
Martin French beat David Hopkins +15 +8
Nigel Polhill beat Keith Aiton +14 -25tp +2
Lionel Tibble beat Sam Murray +26tp +23tp
Craig Oakley beat Jonathan Lamb -24tp +12 +19tp
David Maugham beat Luc Berthouze +15tp +17tp
Quarter Finals
Jamie Burch beat Gabrielle Higgins +14 +20tp
Gavin Carter beat Martin French +11tp +9tp
Lionel Tibble beat Nigel Polhill +26tp +5
David Maugham beat Craig Oakley +18tp +18tp
Semi Finals
Gavin Carter beat Jamie Burch +20 -26tp -26tp +25tp +17tp
David Maugham beat Lionel Tibble +18tp +22tp +16
Gavin Carter beat David Maugham +12tpo, +22, +20tp
Final was stopped in the middle of game 2 because of flooded lawns. It was completed on 22 June 2013.
Martin French won the plate