South Of England Championship 2020

Compton 25-27 September 2020
Round 1
David Maugham beat Ian Vincent +24tp, +26tp
Gabrielle Higgins beat Chris O'Byrne +25, +24tp
Tim Wilkins beat Tudor Jenkins +22tp, +11
Robin Brown beat Mark Ormerod +12tpo, -24tp, +26tp
Round 2
Jamie Burch beat Nigel Polhill +26tp, +16
Ian Lines beat Alison Maugham +22tp, +20tp
David Maugham beat Gabrielle Higgins +25tp, +7
James Death beat Sam Murray +1tpo, +26qp
Mark Avery beat Paul Castell -20tp, +12, +15
Tim Wilkins beat Robin Brown -11tpo, +8, +8otp
Dominic Nunns beat Chris Coull +26tp, -25tp, +5tp
Harry Fisher beat Debbie Lines +20tp, +20qp
Quarter Finals
Jamie Burch beat Ian Lines +17tp, +16
David Maugham beat James Death +4tp, +19
Tim Wilkins beat Mark Avery -26tp, +26tp, +17
Dominic Nunns beat Harry Fisher -20tp, +17, +15tp
Semi Finals
David Maugham beat Jamie Burch +17qp, +26
Dominic Nunns beat Tim Wilkins +17tp, -26tp, +16
David Maugham beat Dominic Nunns +19, -3tp, +24
James Death won the plate