The Resort Invitational 2007

Resort at the Mountain, Welches, OR
June 5-10, 2007
Reg Bamford – South Africa
Trevor Bassett – Australia
Chris Clarke- England
Robert Fulford – England
Danny Huneycutt – USA
Pete Landrebe – Australia
David Maugham – England
Jerry Stark – USA
Aaron Westerby – New Zealand
Jenny Williams – New Zealand
Round 1
Bamford bt Fulford +26qp
Westerby bt Huneycutt +17
Stark bt Bassett +25tp
Round 2
Clarke bt Bassett +26tp
Huneycutt bt Bamford +26
Westerby bt Maugham +24tp
Fulford bt Stark +12sxp
Round 3
Huneycutt bt Maugham +26tp
Williams bt Stark +17tp
Westerby bt Bassett +26tp
Round 4
Clarke bt Williams +16
Bamford bt Bassett +19
Stark bt Westerby +17tp
Round 5
Bamford bt Clarke +26sxp
Huneycutt bt Williams +26tp
Fulford bt Bassett +26tp
Maugham bt Landrebe +26tp
Round 6
Clarke bt Huneycutt +26tp
Westerby bt Williams +24tp
Maugham bt Bamford +26tp
Landrebe bt Stark +17
Round 7
Fulford bt Landrebe +26tp
Bamford bt Westerby +7sxp
Stark bt Huneycutt +16tp
Clarke bt Maugham +26tp
Round 8
Fulford bt Westerby +26tp
Bamford bt Williams +26sxp
Huneycutt bt Landrebe +15tp
Stark bt Maugham +26tp
Round 9
Huneycut bt Bassett +24tp
Fulford bt Williams +24sxp
Landrebe bt Clarke +26tp
Round 10
Williams bt Landrebe +1
Fulford bt Clarke +26sxp
Bamford bt Stark +11
Maugham bt Bassett +26tp
Round 11
Westerby bt Landrebe +26tp
Williams bt Bassett +14
Stark bt Clarke +26tp
Fulford bt Maugham +16sxp
Round 12
Bamford bt Landrebe +26
Fulford bt Huneycutt +16sxp
Westerby bt Clarke +26tp
Maugham bt Williams +16tp
Round 13
Landrebe bt Bassett +21
Huneycutt bt Westerby +26tp
Bamford bt Maugham +17sxp
Stark bt Fulford +6tp
Round 14
Huneycutt bt Bassett +23tp
Westerby bt Stark +26tp
Fulford bt Williams +7sxp
Clarke bt Maugham +16tp
Round 15
Landrebe bt Stark +26
Fulford bt Clarke +26tp
Bamford bt Williams +23tp
Maugham bt Westerby + 17tp
Round 16
Bamford bt Landrebe +25sxp
Huneycutt bt Stark +22tp
Clarke bt Bassett +17tp
Maugham bt Williams +25tp
Round 17
Huneycutt bt Maugham +17tp
Clarke bt Landrebe +8
Fulford bt Bassett +26sxp
Stark bt Bamford +26tp
Round 18
Huneycutt bt Williams +25tp
Clarke bt Westerby +3tp
Fulford bt Landrebe +13tp
Bassett bt Bamford +17
Round 19
Bamford bt Fulford +17sxp
Westerby bt Williams +24tp
Stark bt Bassett +15
Maugham bt Landrebe +3
Round 20
Landrebe bt Westerby +14otp
Bamford bt Huneycutt +26qp
Williams bt Bassett +17
Stark bt Clarke +17tp
Round 21
Clarke bt Williams +25tp
Fulford bt Huneycutt +26sxp
Bamford bt Westerby +26sxp
Bassett bt Maugham +5tp
Round 22
Landrebe bt Williams +25tp
Clarke bt Huneycutt +26tp
Fulford bt Westerby +15sxp
Stark bt Maugham +26tp
Round 23
Westerby bt Bassett +22tp
Landrebe bt Huneycutt +4tpo
Clarke bt Bamford +22tp
Williams bt Stark +1
Round 24
Maugham bt Fulford +20tp
Landrebe bt Bassett +13tpo
Round 25
Best of three matches for the top four places.
Clarke bt Stark +26tp, +26tp
Fulford bt Bamford -19tp, +20tp, +24sxp
Ties broken by net points
1. Fulford – 16
2. Bamford - 14
3. Clarke – 13
4. Stark – 10 +68 net points
5. Huneycutt – 10 +66 net points
6. Westerby – 9
7. Landrebe - 8 -23 net points
8. Maugham – 8 -40 net points
9. Williams – 5
10. Bassett – 2