Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why do I not appear in the ranking list when I have played more than 10 games in the last 12 months.

There are a number of reasons why this may be the case. Have all your events been included? You can check whether an event is included in the calculation by selecting the year in the table at the bottom of the main rankings page. Were all your games notified to the manager? Sometimes some games don't reach me, because the manager has not included them in the results sent to me. Some may have been played after the manager left. Can your name be confused with someone elses. I may have given your games to someone else with the same or similar surname by mistake. In these cases it is worth you asking for me to provide a listing of all your games. You can now check all your games held in the system by accessing the online rankings at http://butedock.com/cgs/rank.php

2 I am better than X but they are higher in the rankings than I am. Why?

Are they a fairly new player? It may be the case that they have been entered with too high a grade and they have not yet found their 'correct' level in the system, whereas someone who has a lot more games in the system has found their level.

3 My grade has changed by 1 point since the last published list, but I have not played in that time.

If an event has recently been included in the system and it was played before the last time you played, then it may have caused the grades of your recent opponents to have changed slightly. When the calculation has been rerun these changes can result in very slight changes to everyone else grades.

4 What do all these numbers such as grade, index and classification of events mean.

For information on how the rankings are calculated and what the numbers mean take a look at the technical section in the Oxford Croquet web site

5 What is the best format for sending in results?

Refer to the 'Sending in results' page.